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"A Salute to America's Veterans"
A Salute to America's Veterans

Gloria Fulmer, 1990 Chairperson
It is with great pleasure to welcome you to our 9th Annual Harvest Festival. We are proud the festival gives us an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to our Veterans.

As you enjoy you day with us, please take a moment to look through our program and notice the area merchants and individuals who support our festival.

-- Gloria G. Fulmer, 1990 Harvest Festival Chairperson

Twenty servicemen from the Ridge Spring-Monetta-Ward communities gave their lives in defense of our country in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. A wreath was placed in the park in their memory. As a special tribute to the veterans, a formation of F-16 Fighting Falcons flew over the town during the festival. At noon, the veterans were recognized on the Town Square with a special salute from the Harvest Festival.

A ground breaking ceremony was held for the anticipated gazebo in the business district by the railway.

A new addition to the town was the caboose. Mrs. Helen R. Kneece suggested obtaining the caboose, and it was given to the town by the Norfolk Southern Corporation. It was used as the Harvest Festival Welcome Center. Partial funds from the 1989 festival helped in the restoration.

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