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"Something To Cackle About"
Something To Cackle About

Ora Broadnax, 1985 Chairperson
You are invited to come and join in the fun and help us make this the best day of the year for Ridge Spring.

-- Ora B. Broadnax, 1985 Harvest Festival Chairperson

The Poultry Industry was honored and recognized. Comments were made by the Saluda County Extension Chairman, Mr. Philip R. Perry. An afternoon Biddy Race was held for the children.

It was the first year in which a festival booklet filled with photos, interesting articles, event schedules, festival map and ads of local business and patrons was provided. It was also the first (and only) year in which a Festival Comic Strip appeared in the local newspapers. The strip was entitled "Festival Funnies" and featured Elmo the Cow and Prissey the Chicken.

In early February, The Ridge Spring Harvest Festival received a Governor's Award for staging an outstanding event in a community of 5000 or less, one of only two in the state to be awarded.

Part of the proceeds from this festival were used to begin what became an annual tradition of granting two scholarships to graduating high school seniors in the community. Also, three brick Welcome Signs were constructed near the town limits. They were designed by Converse Cone and built by Ernest Coleman.

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