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"A Time to Gather"
A Time to Gather

Sherry Carson, 1984 Chairman

-- Sherry Carson, 1984 Harvest Festival Chairperson

A new mural was unveiled on the front and side walls of the Masonic Building. The artist, Ralph H. Waldrop, titled the mural an "Architectural Illusion". The side wall features local personalities, Ellis Long and Chris Wise. Jenna Horne is featured on the front wall.

A sitcom, "Hometown Heroes", was presented throughout the afternoon in the Masonic Building adjacent to Town Square. Bob Brabham videotaped the program for the showing. The "Best Friend of Charleston", a replica of the first successful American-built locomotive of 1830, was welcomed. Rides were given from Oak Street behind Ridge Farmer's Mutual. A color TV was given away, sponsored by participating Ridge Spring Merchants.

The Game of Ridge Spring was on sale. Area merchants purchased blocks on the board (similar to Monopoly) and citizens paid a small amount to have their names printed in the center of the game board. Proceeds were used to help fund the mural. Caps, sweatshirts, jackets and T-shirts were also on sale.

The Saluda Law Enforcement estimated 10,000 showed for the event!

Part of the proceeds from this festival were used to purchase house numbers, erect a flag pole on the Town Square and place letters on Town Hall.

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