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Ridge Spring Fire Department
Protecting the Ridge
For More than
40 Years
Hot Stuff

Wayne Fulmer, 1994 Chairman
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our 13th Annual Harvest Festival. We are proud that the festival gives us an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to our Fire Department.

I am honored to have served as the 1994 Chairman. My special thanks to the Town, Festival Committees and all the many people who worked so faithfully to help make this event possible.

-- Wayne Fulmer, 1994 Harvest Festival Chairman

Former members and active members of the Ridge Spring Fire Department were honored during a special time at the gazebo. Each was given a pin made by Vice Chairperson Orvis Maddox.

A history committee was formed by Betty Ann and Converse Cone to preserve brochures, booklets, newspaper articles and guest registers from all festivals beginning in 1982. The memorabilia was put into notebooks and placed in Town Hall. The collection also included copies of the two cookbooks, a history book and T-shirts from each year.

Since the festival's inception, more than $20,000 has been earned by Ridge Spring Fire Department, by serving BBQ pork and chicken with all the trimmings.

Rick Henry of WIS News was a special guest, accepting a Double Dog Dare from the Ridge Spring Fire Department. Joe Pinner, also of WIS News, visited Ridge Spring with his Backyard Bar-B-Que program with over 200 citizens in attendance.

Converse Cone was recognized for his contributions of artwork to the Harvest Festival since its beginning in 1982.

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