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"2 Good + 2 Be = 4 Gotten"

A Salute To Our Education
2 Good + 2 Be = 4 Gotten

Sadie Davis, 1993 Chairperson
Welcome to our 12th annual Harvest Festival! We as citizens of Ridge Spring are very proud of our town and each year we sponsor several festivities to exemplify our love, loyalty and enthusiasm. This year we proudly salute our educators - past and present. We recognize and honor them today because this group has been, and still is instrumental in helping to mold and shape the intellectual minds of our future leaders.

So today, we proudly salute our educators! Join us and enjoy this gala affair!

-- Sadie L. Davis, 1993 Harvest Festival Chairperson

The Hallman-Scott Scholarship was established by Edward S. Hallman of Atlanta, Georgia. Approximately $2000 will be awarded each year to students in the community.

The town's new mayor, John Burger, greeted citizens and guests.

Educators of the area were honored during a special service of recognition at the gazebo. Wooden apples were presented to the teachers attending who had taught school for the most years, had traveled the farthest, was the eldest and was the youngest.

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