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10/20/2004 - My apologies...between work and things going on at home...I haven't had much time to work on this site. I promise it will get better :) Anyway, check out the schedule for events this week, as well as the winners for this year's beauty pageants. All links available from the home page.

8/28/2004 - Added the application for craft vendors, added date for the next meeting, and updated contact information.

10/22/2003 - Added some website links to the Harvest Festival schedule. Find out more about the entertainers!

10/20/2003 - It's almost here!! Start making your plans for this year's festival. View our schedule of events, available from the homepage. Also, our winners for the Miss Harvest Festival pageant have been posted.

8/26/2003 - Arts and Crafts application has been posted on the homepage. Deadline is September 25th, 2003.

7/1/2003 - Events for the Fourth have been posted along with the next Harvest Festival meeting. Also, a list of contacts has been posted for Festival activities.

3/1/2003 - Upcoming events has been updated with the next meeting, and information regarding the RS-M Student Art Show. We've also selected this year's chairperson and festival theme, which can be seen on the homepage.

10/28/2002 - What a fabulous festival! The weather was perfect and lots of people came out to join us. Many thanks to all those who made it possible!

7/25/2001 - We've got a new home @ Tripod. Therefore, expect some changes to occur over the next few days. Some of the links are temporarily down while I make the changes, but they will be back soon. In the meantime, be sure to sign the new guestbook, drop us a line, or pass our address on to a friend. Plus, see what's happening in Upcoming Events, as well as the Festival newsletter. All available from our homepage.

11/5/99 - Ridge Spring Harvest Festival site officially opened!

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