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Harvest Festival Newsletter

Harvest Festival 2001
Country Store is going to bring back memories of days gone by this year. Jodie Cromer and Tina Redd are on top of it. Fresh produce, homemade cakes, home canned goods. There will be some penny candy for sale. Come by and see all the great stuff on October 27th.

Ribbon Exhibit
This year the Harvest Festival is offering a spot in the Country Store for all crafters to display their fine work and win a ribbon. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons. Only hand-made items, such as shawls, quilts, tablecloths, etc.

Pony Rides
This year we have a group that will be coming out to demonstrate some fancy horse steps and offer pony rides in the afternoon.

The band this year will be Steele Justice on Saturday night. Bingo night will offer more games and more chances to win. Gospel night will be soul searching. Come on out and enjoy the Harvest Festival this year.

Calendar of Events
Oct. 25......Bingo at the Civic Center
Oct. 26......Gospel Night on the Square
Oct. 27......Parade @ 11am. Events all day
Oct. 27......Great Music and Fireworks

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